What Is Sarcoidosis and What Causes It?

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Sarcoidosis is an inflammatory disease that affects many areas of the body. It can affect your eyes, your skin and, you guessed it, your lungs. Sarcoidosis of the lungs is characterized by the buildup of inflammation known as granulomas.
Granulomas are often confused with cancerous tumors because of their close resemblance in x-ray images. However, unlike cancerous tumors, sarcoidosis granulomas tend to go away after a few days.
Some cases of sarcoidosis can be more serious, though. In these cases, the symptoms persist for a long time and can lead to scarring and permanent damage in the lungs. Permanent damage caused by sarcoidosis is not curable. However, the symptoms of the disease can be managed with the assistance of medical treatment, which can be provided by the medical professionals at the Lung Health Institute.

Identifying the cause of sarcoidosis

The exact causes of sarcoidosis are difficult to identify. It generally appears to be a reaction of your immune system to a perceived threat. The immune system cells may build up in an area in response to irritation. Because of this, you should do your best to minimize the exposure of your lungs to irritation, like smoking or working in dusty environments without protection.

Other risk factors for the development of sarcoidosis include:

  • Being female – sarcoidosis is significantly more common in women than in males.
  • Being between the ages of 20 to 40 – sarcoidosis tends to target this age group more than others.

Regardless of whether you fall into one of these categories, you should seek medical assistance if you experience persistence of the following:

  • Dry cough
  • Wheezing
  • Chest pain
  • Shortness of breath

The team at the Lung Health Institute is trained and experienced in assisting in managing the symptoms of sarcoidosis and helping you breathe better again. We have helped thousands of patients across the country treat the symptoms of their chronic lung diseases. Our anti-inflammatory initiative is an effective treatment that helps impede the progression of inflammation.
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