What Is the Cause of Interstitial Lung Disease?

by | Jun 29, 2018 | Interstitial Lung Disease

Interstitial lung disease (ILD) refers to a large group of lung diseases that typically result in rapid scarring of lung tissue. This scarring affects a person’s ability to breathe, pass enough oxygen through their blood and eventually causes permanent damage to the lungs.


The symptoms of interstitial lung disease are:
Shortness of breath – whether you are standing still, exercising, or just getting things done around the house, if you notice that you quickly become exhausted and have a hard time catching your breath or even breathing at all, then you should visit a doctor immediately.
Dry cough – usually, you cough due to congestion, but when you’re not congested, a dry cough could be a sign of interstitial lung disease.
Because damage to the lungs has most likely already occurred by the time you experience the symptoms, you should not waste any time in getting visiting a doctor. They will also be able to help you rule out certain diseases, as well as work on a treatment plan to help you live as comfortably as possible as you live with the disease.


Interstitial lung disease often occurs after an injury to your lungs that is difficult to heal and triggers an unusual healing response. Rather than producing the tissue to recover the lungs react to the injury by thickening the tissue around the air sacs. The thickening eventually causes scarring which makes it extremely difficult for air to be passed through the lungs. Other than an injury, ILD can be caused by exposure to the following:

  • Toxins
  • Silica dust
  • Asbestos
  • Bird/animal droppings
  • Radiation

If you are frequently exposed to any of the above or are suffering from other diseases and experiencing the symptoms, remove yourself from that environment and visit your doctor.

Cellular therapy treatment may help reduce the inflammation in the lungs.

Recent studies have shown that cellular therapy treatment at the Lung Health Institute uses the body’s own cells to help reduce the inflammation in the lungs. This minimally invasive, outpatient procedure offers the following benefits:

  • Joint Commission Accreditation
  • 95% patient satisfaction*
  • Effective treatment plans
  • Immediate recovery
  • Calms lung inflammation
  • 85% of patients find improvement^
  • FDA-cleared medical device

To learn more about the benefits of our minimally invasive cellular therapy as treatment for interstitial lung disease and other chronic lung conditions, contact one of our patient coordinators today and Breathe Easier.

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