What to Order When Dining Out

by | Mar 20, 2019 | Amanda Maucere, Diet And Nutrition

Eating out is great for people who have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or other chronic lung diseases. However, there’s a common misperception that people with COPD can’t find lung-healthy foods when they go out to eat.

Two tips to help COPD patients order when dining out

Going out to a restaurant to eat can be great for people with COPD. For one thing, it may allow you to spend some time catching up with close friends or family you haven’t seen in a while. But, many COPD patients may feel they won’t be able to find lung-healthy food options to order when they go out to eat. Fortunately, there are two tips you can keep in mind that will help you order lung-healthy foods at restaurants.
One tip to keep in mind is that it pays to do some research before you pick somewhere to eat. Many restaurants today have their menus online, and this is a helpful tool that can help you decide where to eat if you have COPD. For example, the online menu can tell you if the restaurant uses fresh and organic ingredients that will benefit your lungs.
These menus will also usually list the ingredients in the dish, such as the oils used to cook the meal. Having this information will allow you to create a list of lung-healthy eating options before you even leave for the restaurant.
A second tip you should use when going out to eat is when in doubt, order a salad. Salads have a place on the menu of almost every restaurant, and they’re a great ordering option for COPD patients. For one thing, they usually contain a mixture of veggies that will provide you with vitamins and minerals that will help your lungs. Salads are also easy to customize. For example, you can create a lung-healthy salad by adding grilled chicken or fish to it. You can also ask for oil and vinegar in place of sugar-filled salad dressings.
Thanks to these two tips, going out to eat doesn’t have to be a chore if you have COPD. In fact, you may find yourself making more dates to go out to eat with your family or friends with these tips in your arsenal.

The Lung Health Institute can help you find ways to eat lung-healthy

Our health care team at the Lung Health Institute knows what you eat is vital to improving lung health if you have a chronic lung disease like COPD. For this reason, we’ve made eating tips a key component of our three Anti-Inflammatory Initiative™ plans. The three plans may also offer you benefits such as boosting your immune system and training your body to use fats as inflammation-fighting fuel.
In addition, we also offer cellular therapy that uses your body’s own cells in ways that may promote lung tissue healing and reduce inflammation.
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