Why Gut Health Is Critical to Your Lung Condition

by | Oct 3, 2018 | Amanda Maucere, Blog, Diet And Nutrition, Respiratory Lifestyle

The health of your gut may seem like a topic that has very little to do with dealing with your lung condition, but it can be a critical factor in helping you improve your quality of life when dealing with such a condition.
One of the most natural and most effective ways to promote a healthy gut is by adding supplements that provide pro-gut compounds to your lung health arsenal.

How Gut Supplements May Help You Deal with Your Lung Condition More Effectively

The health of your gut has been linked by many health professionals to the health of various other systems in your body, including your immune system.
Since the immune system is a major player in maintaining a high quality of life with a lung condition, this makes your gut a lot more important then you may think if you have a lung condition.
In addition, your gut is also a significant player in your body’s efforts to naturally reduce inflammation. The support of natural inflammation reduction by your gut is something that may directly impact the levels of inflammation in your lung tissues, and as you’re most likely aware, the less inflammation you have in your lung tissues, the better you’re likely to feel on a daily basis.
Luckily, you can support a healthier gut efficiently and effectively by using supplements such as GI Recovery. GI Recovery is a supplement that contains a variety of ingredients that promote the healthy functioning of your gut.
Some of these helpful ingredients include:

  • Probiotics 4Health to support your gut bacteria
  • Glutamine to promote a healthy gut lining
  • Anti-inflammatory licorice root extract
  • Soothing aloe leaf extract

By bringing all of these helpful ingredients together in one package, GI Recovery may be able to help strengthen your immune system and improve your body’s natural inflammation-fighting abilities, which may have huge benefits for your daily quality of life when you’re dealing with a lung condition.

GI Recovery Is Part of the Anti-Inflammatory Initiative (AI2) Plans from the Lung Health Institute

At the Lung Health Institute, our dedicated professionals have created three levels of anti-inflammatory initiative (AI2) plans that may have a variety of benefits for your quality of life as a lung patient, including providing you with helpful supplements like GI Recovery.
Indeed, by combining the supplements, nutrition tips and other parts of our anti-inflammatory initiative (AI2) plans with treatment options such as cellular therapy, our team may be able to help you take significant strides toward maintaining a high quality of life.
For more information about our anti-inflammatory initiative (AI2) plans, the supplements they include or other services that we offer, contact a helpful patient coordinator at the Lung Health Institute now.

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