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Harry’s emphysema was spiraling out of control and making his life difficult. His breathing difficulties caused him to rely on oxygen support, but he still had trouble walking around without losing breath. This all changed after the Lung Health Institute.
Two weeks after beginning treatment, Harry began to notice an improvement in his life. Learn more about his story below.

Daily struggles with emphysema before treatment

Harry felt trapped because he could hardly walk to the bathroom or get in and out of his truck without losing breath. Harry used to love to fish, but his emphysema prevented him from going out. He couldn’t even do lawn work or take out the trash.
His breathing difficulties made him and his wife go out to eat less and challenged his ability to carry on a conversation. Breathing was such a challenge that he had to use a wheelchair to get around. He was in this wheelchair at his first appointment with the Lung Health Institute. He uses it less these days.

Life after lung restoration treatment™ at the Lung Health Institute

Shortly after treatment, Harry went outside of his house to talk to his grandson who was doing some work, and he noticed this didn’t cause any shortness of breath like it did in the past. As his health improved, Harry and his wife can go grocery shopping and walk around the store and back to their car with little trouble.
Harry’s family is excited about his results too:
“I have 15 grandkids, one of my grandsons lives right next door to us. He said he couldn’t believe that Lana and I could sit down and have a full conversation without stopping to catch our breath.”
Harry can play with his grandkids again, and he can climb in and out of his truck and go out to eat with his wife. He loses his breathless frequently these days, and when he does, he says it doesn’t take long to get it back thanks to his treatment.
Do you or someone you know suffer from breathing difficulties caused by a chronic lung disease like emphysema? You have options to Breathe Easier™ again. Contact the Lung Health Institute today to speak with a patient coordinator about your treatment options.

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