Is helping people your passion? It’s ours, too.

Join our team of passionate and compassionate professionals who have helped thousands of patients find relief from chronic lung disease.

Regenerating Care and Innovation in the Healthcare Industry

At Lung Health Institute, we believe that medicine has the power to change lives, and we are committed to sharing that power with our patients. From the moment a patient connects with our team at the Lung Health Institute, we empower them with information about the innovative, effective treatment options available to them, and we care for them with the compassion that they deserve.
Our team brings empowerment and hope to our patients, and our treatment brings healing. Don’t you want to be a part of an organization established on helping others?

We’re givers, and we hope you are too
We are a team of passionate, caring individuals who love to help others. And that passion for reaching out and making a difference in someone’s life tends to grow here at Lung Health Institute.
Every year, we give back to help more people find relief from chronic lung disease. Last year, our give back program allowed 12 people to receive our Lung Restoration Treatment for free. These were patients who had previously been tied to oxygen machines, unable to live the life they wanted, and unable to financially commit to treatment. So, during our 12 Days of Christmas campaign, we gifted 12 of these patients with free treatment. It was incredible.
Giving back is the lifeblood of our organization.

We are the leader in regenerative medicine. We are patient-centric. We are Lung Health Institute.

Every day, we strive to provide our patients with revolutionary treatments that are tested and proven to not only slow the progression of lung disease, but also to help restore health to the lungs so our patients can Breathe Easier™. With more than 8,000 procedures performed, and 91.6% of our patients* reporting an improvement in their quality of life within three months after treatment, you can trust that our treatment for lung disease is effective.

We know that what we do is valuable — we hear it every day from patients who are living their lives again thanks to our treatment. And while we LOVE helping people, we know that’s not the only reason that people choose to work with us. When you choose a career at the Lung Health Institute, you are choosing a family. We love what we do, and it overflows into our work environment. Our team is lively and fun, and we get excited to come into work everyday.
Oh, and the benefits are pretty fantastic, too! With competitive salaries, and paid vacation, you won’t find a better team than ours.