COPD Treatment in Texas

COPD Treatment in Texas

COPD Treatment Texas

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a progressive form of lung disease ranging from mild to severe. It is characterized by a restriction of airflow into and out of the lungs that makes breathing difficult. COPD is a term for sufferers who have been diagnosed with or show signs of emphysema and/or chronic bronchitis. In Texas, COPD is a health concern for many, in part due to air pollution levels and occupational hazards. The Lung Institute is ready to help patients with COPD treatment in Texas.

Lung Disease and COPD Prevalence in Texas

Residents of the Lone Star State are very proud of where they call home, but the climate in certain regions can make living with COPD difficult. According to the CDC, a person is more likely to have COPD if he or she is over the age of 40 and has a history of smoking, has been exposed to environmental or occupational pollutants, or shows any COPD symptoms.

What is Cellular Therapy for COPD?

The Lung Institute in Dallas, Texas, offers cellular therapys with adult autologous cells. The cells come directly from an adult patient’s body only to be administered to the same patient. This decreases the potential of rejection and undermines any possible controversy about cellular therapy.

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Where Can I Go to Learn More about COPD Treatment in Texas?

The Lung Institute is happy to answer your questions. With clinics nationwide, including in Dallas, Texas, we are here to help you. For more information about the Lung Institute’s COPD Treatment in Texas and how cellular therapy can be used to battle lung disease and improve your life or the life of a loved one, contact us or call us at 888-745-6697.

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