Doctors treat COPD in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is among the cities with the highest levels of air pollution in the United States. It is actually the most polluted city east of California. This makes it very difficult for residents that have COPD. COPD is a debilitating lung disease that makes breathing on one’s own extremely difficult. According to an article published by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, the number one cause of COPD is smoking. Other factors that might lead to COPD are secondhand smoke, air pollution, and being exposed to hazardous substances like dust and chemicals.

Unfortunately COPD cannot be cured. Things like medications, inhalers and oxygen therapy help lessen the symptoms of COPD.  There is a relatively new cellular therapy that has been very effective for many patients. The cellular therapy is a minimally invasive procedure that harnesses the body’s own healing properties. The Lung Health Institute specializes in treating patients with debilitating lung disease with cellular therapy. In July of 2015, Lung Health Institute doctors treat COPD in Pittsburgh.

Stem Cell Patient Testimonial

Many patients have had great results from cellular therapy. Lung Health Institute patient, Arnold M, recalled a recent appointment with his pulmonologist after undergoing a cellular therapy treatment. “The pulmonologist said, ‘You seem to be doing real well, what have you been doing lately?’ I said that I’ve just been taking care of myself and he goes ‘My god, you’ve been doing a good job.’ He couldn’t believe I was that good. So, I walked up and down the hall for him and he said, ‘My god you are doing good.’ Then I told him about cells and he stood there with his mouth hanging open. I guess he didn’t run across anybody that has done it. He was kind of amazed.”

The Lung Health Institute is Coming to Pittsburgh

The Lung Health Institute has completed over 800 treatments in the past two years, and is expanding rapidly. They are looking forward to opening a new clinic in Pittsburgh in July 2015.

Although Pittsburgh has some of the highest levels of air pollution in the United States, there is hope for those suffering from COPD. The Lung Health Institute is on its way.

If you or a loved one suffers from chronic lung disease, contact the Lung Health Institute to find out if cellular therapy can help get your life back within reach. Contact us by calling 888-745-6697 to see if you qualify.