Our Give Back Program

With every patient we treat at the Lung Health Institute, we fulfill our mission to improve the quality of life for those with chronic lung disease. Our commitment as a patient-first organization extends far beyond that with the creation of our Give Back program, in which qualified individuals receive treatment at no cost.

Last year, the Lung Health Institute gifted 12 procedures at our various locations across the United States to patients suffering from chronic lung disease and we continue to see the lasting effects on the communities we serve. In an effort to increase access to the care patients with chronic lung disease deserve, the team at the Lung Health Institute works daily to advocate for these patients and offer hope when it is needed most.


Condition: COPD

Like many women, Patricia always put her loved ones first caring for her aging mother and raising her three-year-old grandson. Patricia recognized that in order to be her best self for her mother and grandson, she needed to find a way to better manage her COPD symptoms and improve her quality of life. In her search for answers, she discovered cellular therapy but quickly realized she could not afford treatment with all the other financial responsibilities she had as a result of caring for her family. That’s when the Lung Health Institute stepped in and provided Patricia with treatment at no cost as part of the Give Back program.

Patricia’s Treatment Follow Up

During her follow up call a couple of months after her treatment, Patricia recalled how she first felt walking into the Lung Health Institute for cellular therapy. She says she thought to herself, “I don’t think I’ll ever be revived from this.” But after the treatment was over, she recalls that she felt different. She was breathing easier — “without trying to grab a breathe,” she says.
Patricia says her life is much easier now that she’s gone through the cellular therapy with the Lung Health Institute. “I catch myself doing things that I haven’t been able to do in years,” says Patricia. She once thought she would have to go to an assisted living home because her breathing was preventing her from doing chores or cooking, but now she can do chores like laundry and cook herself dinner without running out of breath.
“I just feel so much better about life,” Patricia states.


Condition: COPD
At the age of nearly 90, Hazel carries a fire in her heart for helping others by serving at her church and volunteering in her community. When she found it increasingly difficult to maintain her volunteer hours because of her difficulty breathing, Hazel knew she needed help. Her asthma and breathing treatments were not working as well as she hoped and she sought out cellular therapy at the Lung Health Institute. For years, Hazel gave back to the community in giving so much of her time and talent, and it was important that she could continue her good work. That’s why she became a recipient of the Give Back program at the Lung Health Institute.


Condition: COPD

Donna reached out to the Lung Health Institute about receiving cellular therapy. Due to several unexpected circumstances, she had a hard time saving money for treatment. Donna cried when she received the news that she would be part of the Give Back program. Two months after receiving treatment, Donna said she felt better and breathing was easier for her. She can shower, cook meals and do household chores with more ease.

Donna’s Treatment Follow Up

Receiving cellular therapy from the Lung Health Institute helped give Donna the energy and breath she needed to get back to the life she once enjoyed.
“I can definitely do a lot more now… cooking and baking… I feel [like I have] a lot more energy. I’m happy each day… it’s not a struggle anymore,” Donna states.
She also recalls how she went to the grocery store and the dollar store recently and was able to shop and walk around without running out of breath. She even started exercising at home by doing stretches and using arm weights. She hopes to join a gym in the coming months.
Donna even talks about how her friends and family have noticed a difference in her since she received treatment. “My girlfriend said, ‘Donna, you just look so much better,’” she states.


Condition: COPD
Clint had been out of work for some time due to the complications he suffered resulting from COPD. He found it extremely difficult to breathe and often struggled. Despite his hardships, Clint kept a positive attitude, telling a patient coordinator at the Lung Health Institute that one day, he wanted to shake his hand and thank him for “keeping him alive” with encouragement when he needed it most. Clint was unable to afford cellular therapy on his own, so he became a recipient of the Lung Health Institute’s Give Back program.


Condition: COPD


Barbara’s Treatment Follow Up

Before treatment, Barb couldn’t walk from one end of her house to the other without having to stop to catch her breath. After her cellular therapy at the Lung Health Institute, Barb says, “It feels like I don’t even have COPD anymore!”
The cellular therapy has helped Barb regain her quality of life. Before, she was on partial oxygen treatment, which caused her to live a sedentary lifestyle. Now, she’s able to move around the house and do daily chores and activities without her oxygen.
“It’s amazing how much better I feel all over,” Barb states. “I’m so grateful for you guys giving this [treatment] to me. It’s the best Christmas present I’ve ever had.”


Condition: COPD
Jerry had been suffering from COPD for years before he learned of cellular therapy at the Lung Health Institute. His health had been steadily declining for some time. He was in search of answers and, determined not to lose hope. Every week, Jerry’s wife called the Lung Health Institute to provide updates on Jerry’s condition and their efforts to save funds for treatment. When Jerry’s COPD worsened and he could no longer work on the farm, limiting the family’s income, the team at the Lung Health Institute jumped in to help and Jerry became a recipient of the Give Back program.


Condition: COPD
William struggled for years as a result of COPD and his condition often left him feeling afraid for his life, especially as he had such difficultly catching his breath. His condition worsened over the years, landing him in the hospital for periods of time, but he was determined not to give up hope. William turned to the Lung Health Institute for cellular therapy and was selected as a Give Back program recipient, receiving treatment at no cost.