Anti-Inflammatory Initiative™ (AI²™) Plan Overview

The Lung Health Institute’s AI²™ is designed to help reduce inflammation in those with chronic lung disease through dietary changes and modifications. The goal is to consume delicious foods rich in healthy fats in order to train your body to use fat as its primary fuel source. Once it becomes efficient at doing so, you may notice increased energy, improved mood, clearer thinking and easier breathing.

We want you to to get the majority of your carbohydrates from leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower, non-starchy vegetables like cucumber and zucchini, berries, nuts, seeds, and avocado.
For protein, you’ll eat any type — lean or not — of beef, chicken, pork, turkey, fish and seafood. You can also enjoy eggs, nuts, seeds, cheese and plain Greek yogurt.
When it comes to fat, our meal plans don’t restrict it, but we design the plan to emphasize healthy fats like butter, olive oil, nuts, seeds, fatty fish and coconut. It’s important that you avoid processed oils high in omega 6 fats, such as corn, soy, vegetable and canola oils.
It may seem counterintuitive, but consuming primarily fat while restricting other dietary categories helps your body adapt to fat and begin using it as its primary source of fuel. The benefits of this include:

  • The body will begin using ketones as its main source of energy, which will be more sustained than what sugar can provide.
  • Ketones are also natural anti-inflammatories, further helping to calm inflammation in the lungs and elsewhere in the body.
  • A body fueled by fat will become more efficient at using any sugars consumed, and will turn them into energy rather than fat.
  • The body can better break down its own fat, releasing toxins.
  • The liver can remove these toxins more efficiently, further reducing inflammation.
  • The gut will heal, enabling it to better prevent additives and chemicals from entering your body — and further decreasing the inflammation caused when the body attacks these foreign materials.

Our wellness plan includes the following components



We promote a diet composed of high fats, moderate protein and very low carbohydrates. Our meal plans focus on the most nutrient-dense foods, helping your body heal naturally. The plan includes all of our recommended recipes, snack ideas, meal plans and food lists to help you succeed.

Activity, sleep and relaxation

We encourage daily activity, adequate sleep and better stress management. Together, these three important lifestyle factors help exercise your lungs, repair the damage of chronic lung disease and calm your immune system to help it more effectively fight inflammation. For each customized plan, we provide specific guidelines for activity, sleep and relaxation.


All plans include recommendations for supplements that give your body everything it needs to promote healing from within. This includes the powerful antioxidant NAC, digestive enzymes that help the body break down and absorb nutrients, and a gut-mending complex that can soothe and repair your intestine — the immune system’s first line of defense. We also recommend a probiotic that has been clinically shown to reduce inflammation and high-quality omega-3 fatty acids. Some plans include a supply of supplements to get you started.


Our registered dietitian is there right from the beginning to answer your initial questions and offer tips for success. Depending on your plan, weekly check-ins help you stay motivated and on track, as well as guiding you through any challenges you may experience.


Certain plans also include a way to test two major inflammation markers from the comfort of your own home. By doing this, you can see first-hand the decrease in your inflammation level after 30 days on the plan. We even offer a way to test your blood weekly, providing regular evidence that the plan is working.


By fasting overnight, you can help reduce inflammation, boost your mood, guard against disease and improve your gut function. While fasting may seem scary, we gradually ease you into the process, helping you get a little farther each week until you’re in the optimal fasting zone.
*The amount of support, supplementation and testing is dependent on the client’s specific package.

What is Your Wellness Worth to You?

Have you ever noticed that when your lungs are inflamed, it’s more difficult to breathe? In fact, many common lung conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma are made worse by inflammation.
At the Lung Health Institute, our goal is to reduce the amount of inflammation in your lungs through a natural wellness plan. Our wellness plan helps patients breathe easier by preventing inflammation at its source – the food we eat. Some of the benefits patients can gain from our wellness plan include:

Increased lung function


Improved mental clarity


Elevated mood


Increased energy levels


We offer a variety of AI²™ plans so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. Take a moment to read through the plans we offer, and contact one of our dedicated Patient Coordinators to talk about what you need to do to get started. We’re here to help you take the next step toward Breathing Easier.

Russell Winwood

Russell Winwood

Wellness Plan Advocate, COPD Athlete

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