Chronic Bronchitis Treatment Options

The Lung Health Institute Offers Alternative Chronic Bronchitis Treatment Options

Viable alternative treatment options for chronic bronchitis include cellular therapy procedures available at the Lung Health Institute. As the only cellular therapy clinic in the world that focuses solely on the treatment of lung conditions, we have an exceptional understanding of pulmonary care and the many facets of treating various forms of lung disease, including chronic bronchitis. Unlike many traditional forms of treatment like oxygen therapy and medication that work to simply mitigate symptoms, cellular therapy has been shown to potentially slow the progression of lung disease and improve the patient’s quality of life in certain cases. While cellular therapy cannot reverse or cure lung disease, it can possibly reduce lung inflammation and improve lung function.

The Lung Health Institute offers cellular therapy:

  • Blood-Derived Therapy – This form of cellular therapy involves drawing blood from the patient’s own body, separating the cells from the other cells in our onsite lab and then immediately reintroducing the separated cells into the patient’s body intravenously.

Each patient’s ideal course of treatment depends on his or her individual diagnosis and medical history, among many other factors. A dedicated Lung Health Institute team member works with each patient to determine which form of cellular therapy is ideal for his or her specific situation. Both procedures are performed in one of our bright and modern outpatient facilities over the course of two days, and most patients are able to return to their daily activities immediately following the procedure.

To learn more about the cellular therapy procedures we offer as alternative treatment options for chronic bronchitis, call the Lung Health Institute today at 888-745-6697.