Interstitial Lung Disease Alternative Therapy

Alternative Therapy for Treatment of Interstitial Lung Disease

The Lung Institute is proud to provide alternative therapy for the treatment of interstitial lung disease through the use of autologous cells. Interstitial lung disease is a broad term used to classify more than 100 different pulmonary disorders that directly affect how efficiently oxygen is absorbed into the lungs. The most prevalent type of interstitial lung disease is idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, but other diseases under the umbrella of this condition include interstitial pneumonia, sarcoidosis, asbestosis and nonspecific interstitial pneumonitis.

Interstitial lung disease is a progressive condition, meaning that it continually worsens over time. While there is currently no cure, there is treatment available to help manage its symptoms. The cellular therapy offered at the Lung Institute is aimed at slowing the progression of the disease and minimizing the symptoms associated with the condition, thus promoting a better quality of life for the patient. This form of treatment is unique in that it relies on the completely natural power of cells, which have the potential to self-renew and replicate to become any type of healthy bodily cell, such as a lung cell. Because the cells are entirely autologous – or derived from the patient’s own body – there is no risk of rejection and no long-term negative side effects.

We offer cellular therapy as an alternative therapy for interstitial lung disease:

• Blood-Derived Therapy

The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis in one of our comfortable and modern facilities over the course of two days, and more than 80 percent of patients have reported improvement in their overall quality of life following treatment at the Lung Institute.

If you would like to learn more about the cellular therapy we offer as an alternative therapy for treating interstitial lung disease, call the Lung Institute team today at 888-745-6697.

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