Interstitial Lung Disease Symptoms


Interstitial Lung Disease Symptoms

The symptoms of interstitial lung disease can vary, mainly because it is not a single condition. Rather, it is an umbrella term that is often used to describe more than 200 different pulmonary disorders, all of which cause progressive lung tissue thickening and scarring. The resulting lung damage can make it increasingly difficult to breathe.

With that said, many people who are diagnosed with a form of interstitial lung disease experience one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Dry, hacking cough
  • Excessive mucus production
  • Bluish skin discoloration due to poor circulation or inadequate blood oxygenation (cyanosis)
  • Pneumonia
  • Joint pain
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • General malaise
  • High blood pressure

Usually, the symptoms are mild at first and worsen over time. For instance, some people initially become breathless while exercising and ultimately find that they have trouble breathing even while at rest. Once lung damage has occurred, it cannot be reversed.

If you are living with the symptoms of interstitial lung disease, you understandably want to find relief. You should know that you may have a treatment option that, unlike medications and supplemental oxygen, can not only help you feel better, but also potentially slow the progression of your lung damage. At the Lung Health Institute, we offer blood- derived therapy for chronic lung conditions.

Many patients who choose cellular therapy as an alternative form of treatment find that their symptoms gradually improve within the days and weeks following a procedure. In addition to breathing easier and becoming less dependent on supplemental oxygen, some patients experience long-term benefits that ultimately improve their quality of life.

The Lung Health Institute is respected worldwide as a pioneer in regenerative medicine and research. If you are exploring treatment options for interstitial lung disease, you are encouraged to consider the Lung Health Institute. For more information on cellular therapy for chronic lung conditions, contact us at 888-745-6697.