Natural Cure For Interstitial Lung Disease

natural cure for interstitial lung disease

Is There a Natural Cure for Interstitial Lung Disease?

There is not yet a cure for interstitial lung disease, but natural treatments that aim to reduce the severity of symptoms are available. One such treatment is cellular therapy, and the Lung Health Institute is the first center in the world to provide this innovative treatment exclusively to patients with lung disease.

Cellular therapy does not involve potent medications or chemicals. Rather, it is a procedure in which the patient’s own cells are harvested through minimally invasive methods and then reintroduced to the body intravenously which may promote healing in the lungs and slow disease progression. Because drugs are not used, cellular therapy has not shown to produce adverse long-term side effects, and many patients are able to return to everyday activities immediately following treatment.

If you have an interstitial lung disease and traditional treatment methods like supplemental oxygen and anti-inflammatory medications aren’t providing the symptom relief you desire, consider this natural treatment available at the Lung Health Institute. In certain patients, cellular therapy may improve symptoms like shortness of breath and dry cough, making it easier to participate in physical activity and live life to the fullest.

Treatment is performed on an outpatient basis over the course of two days, and involves harvesting cells through a minimally invasive blood draw. The cells are then processed in an onsite clinical lab and returned to the patient intravenously with the goal of stimulating the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

There may not be a cure for interstitial lung disease, but natural treatment at the Lung Health Institute may help you overcome symptoms and return to the activities you enjoy without the negative side effects that are associated with many drugs. We encourage you to contact a member of our devoted team at 888-745-6697 if you would like to learn if you are a candidate for cellular therapy.