Silicosis Treatment

Silicosis treatment

Alternative Silicosis Treatment Available at the Lung Health Institute

Traditional treatment for silicosis includes inhaled steroids and oxygen support, but these treatments typically only focus on the management of symptoms. While these options work for some people, others may experience negative side effects, such as an adverse reaction to a medication or a limitation on movement due to an oxygen machine. As an alternative treatment for silicosis, the Lung Health Institute offers cellular therapy. This groundbreaking therapy centers around the fact cells are derived from the patient’s own body. As a result, this alternative silicosis treatment is safe and comes with no risk of rejection.

The Lung Health Institute offers cellular therapy for the treatment of silicosis,  with the goal of reducing lung inflammation, improving lung function and slowing disease progression.

  • Blood-Derived Cellular Therapy

Both of these procedures are minimally invasive and are performed on an outpatient basis over the course of two days. Patients will be guided through every step of the treatment by our friendly and caring medical staff. Most patients are able to immediately return to daily activities after their procedure, and many report an improvement in their overall quality of life as a result of the therapy.

To learn more about the cellular therapy we offer as an alternative treatment for silicosis, as well as options for prevention, call the Lung Health Institute today at 888-745-6697.