Lung Institute Business Reviews

Lung Institute Business Reviews

Lung Institute Business Reviews

The Lung Institute was founded to improve the quality of life for people suffering from chronic lung disease. For patients who have been diagnosed with a respiratory illnesses such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pulmonary fibrosis, or interstitial lung disease, quality of life can be dramatically impaired, both physically and mentally. When traditional options for treatment fail to meet the expectations of those with the disease, they turn to the Lung Institute and stem cell therapy to address their symptoms and the progression of the disease itself. From Lung Institute Business Reviews to patient success stories, the Lung Institute is ready to help you better understand stem cell therapy and how it could improve your quality of life. Here are a few stories from our previous patients and the changes they’ve seen in their quality of life after treatment.

Lung Institute Business Reviews

Business Practices

The Lung Institute treats a number of both restrictive and obstructive lung diseases using stem cells from the patient’s own body. Since opening our doors, we’ve treated many patients and have seen a good success rate in self-reported increase in quality of life.

All treatments performed at the Lung Institute use autologous stem cells, which means cells derived from a patient’s own body. As a result, our treatments are considered extremely safe. Our therapies are minimally invasive and performed on an outpatient basis over the course of 3 days.

Patient Success Stories

Linus S.- Hays, KS

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At the age of 64, Linus worked in construction and restoration; a physically demanding job for any age. Soon he began having trouble climbing stairs while on work sites and realized something was wrong. Lucky for Linus, four of his family members happened to be nurses and suggested that he look into stem cell therapy at the Lung Institute.

Within 3 months of his venous treatment, Linus noticed he didn’t have to pause anymore after climbing a flight of steps. Linus says, “I noticed one day that when I got to the top, I didn’t have to stop and didn’t have to use my inhaler.”

Jim D.- Boca Raton, FL

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At 69, Jim was a high-powered CFO that enjoyed traveling and rebuilding cars in his spare time. However, once he was diagnosed with emphysema, his life quickly changed leading up to the realization that he was no longer able to fulfill his responsibilities at work. Finding trouble walking up the stairs of his home, he knew that something had to change.

After some research, Jim looked into stem cell therapy at the Lung Institute. Knowing that a lung transplant was not an option, with his wife’s approval, he scheduled a treatment for stem cell therapy. After treatment, Jim found himself able to walk comfortably again. He’s now back to traveling for work and taking vacations again.

June B.- Madeira Beach, FL

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In 2007 at the age of 67, June was diagnosed with COPD. In the process of trying to manage the disease, she was admitted to the hospital three times. Soon she would lose her ability to walk, put on weight, and her declining quality of life eventually led to depression. She knew that “there had to be something better.”

One day she got a call from a friend telling her about an interview she had seen on TV from someone at the Lung Institute. June immediately called to schedule a stem cell treatment, and within 4 weeks, found steady improvement in her health and quality of life. She’s now able to travel for work again, has lost 25 pounds, and no longer needs a prescription drug she once couldn’t go without.

Are you ready to take control of your life again?

Lung Institute Business Reviews

As the scientific community continues to put their best minds to the task of solving the problems and complications of the human body, the Lung Institute will continue help people with chronic lung disease breathe more easily.

Hear more about Lung Institute Business Reviews and patient success stories by checking out some testimonials. If you or a loved one has COPD, or another lung disease, the Lung Institute may be able to help with a variety of stem cell treatment options. We’re happy to answer your questions and are ready to help you bring your life back within reach. Contact us at (800) 729-3065 today to find out if you qualify for stem cell therapy.

* All treatments performed at Lung Institute utilize autologous stem cells, meaning those derived from a patient's own body. No fetal or embryonic stem cells are utilized in Lung Institute's procedures. Lung Institute aims to improve patients' quality of life and help them breathe easier through the use of autologous stem cell therapy. To learn more about how stem cells work for lung disease, click here.

All claims made regarding the efficacy of Lung Institute's treatments as they pertain to pulmonary conditions are based solely on anecdotal support collected by Lung Institute. Individual conditions, treatment and outcomes may vary and are not necessarily indicative of future results. Testimonial participation is voluntary. Lung Institute does not pay for or script patient testimonials.

Under current FDA guidelines and regulations 1271.10 and 1271.15, the Lung Institute complies with all necessary requirements for operation. The Lung Institute is firmly in accordance with the conditions set by the FDA for exemption status and conducts itself in full accordance with current guidelines. Any individual who accesses Lung Institute's website for information is encouraged to speak with his or her primary physician for treatment suggestions and conclusive evidence. All information on this site should be used for educational and informational use only.

As required by Texas state law, the Lung Institute Dallas Clinic has received Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval from MaGil IRB, now Chesapeake IRB, which is fully accredited by the Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Program (AAHRPP), for research protocols and stem cell procedures. The Lung Institute has implemented these IRB approved standards at all of its clinics nationwide. Approval indicates that we follow rigorous standards for ethics, quality, and protections for human research.