Tampa, FL (July 10, 2014) –The Lung Institute works to help people who have received a diagnosis of debilitating lung disease get their quality of life back. The latest case study demonstrates how cellular therapy can be used effectively to treat interstitial lung disease. After his recent cellular therapy at the Lung Institute, Al Corter can now complete his daily tasks on his horse farm much faster, and finally attend the Silver Spur Riding Club Open Horse Show the weekend of July 12th in Fonda, NY.

Twelve years ago, Al was exposed to toxic fumes in the workplace and subsequently diagnosed with interstitial lung disease and bronchiectasis, a form of chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD). Living in upstate New York and running his horse farm, Al’s serious pulmonary conditions had a major effect on his life. Shortness of breath, coughing, reliance on supplemental oxygen and fatigue were taking a toll. Al needed a new solution.

Al decided to travel to Florida to undergo cellular therapy at the Lung Institute facility in Tampa. He was seeking an alternative treatment to help with his symptoms. Cellular therapy is a minimally invasive process that involves extracting cells, and then reintroducing them to cue the body’s natural healing processes. The cells are taken from the patient’s own body, so there is no controversy or risk of rejection.

Prior to cellular therapy, Al was needing more and more supplemental oxygen. His quality of life had taken a sharp turn downward. Following his cellular therapy, Al is feeling better. He is getting back to the routine at the farm. Al used to use 5 to 6 liters of continuous oxygen to get his outdoor farm work done. Now, he is able to do these daily chores faster, and uses only 4 to 5 liters of oxygen on a pulsing regulator.

“I’m getting everyday tasks done quicker,” said Al. “I’m using about half the amount of oxygen as I was before to do the same activities. My quality of life has definitely improved.”

The Lung Institute has treated hundreds of patients with lung disease from around the country and the world. Regardless of the stage of the disease, patients are able to undergo cellular therapy, which helps damaged lung tissue, and can lessen their symptoms.

About Lung Institute

At the Lung Institute, we are changing the lives of hundreds of people across the nation through the innovative technology of regenerative medicine. We are committed to providing patients a more effective way to address pulmonary conditions and improve quality of life.  Our physicians, through their designated practices, have gained worldwide recognition for the successful application of revolutionary minimally invasive cellular therapies. With over a century of combined medical experience, our doctors have established a patient experience designed with the highest concern for patient safety and quality of care.

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