A leader in regenerative medicine, Lung Health Institute takes a specialized approach to the treatment of chronic lung disease. We provide safe and effective treatment options that address the underlying condition and not just symptoms

Proven Techniques

8,000+ procedures have been performed with 91.6% of patients* treated reporting improvements in quality of life three months post-treatment.

Advancing Medicine

Lung Health Institute’s advisory board guides research and development activities, pushing beyond conventional treatment in constant pursuit of better outcomes and a cure for chronic lung disease.

Specialized Services

Far from a universal treatment option, cellular therapy is available to chronic lung disease patients whose condition meets specific medical criteria. This careful, methodical approach enables Lung Health Institute to deliver best-in-class results to the patients we serve

Standard Lung Care

Lung Health Institute leads the industry in regenerative medicine. Our exclusive focus on and multidisciplinary approach to lung disease yields expert care for every patient, even when conventional treatment isn’t effective or stops working.