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If you’ve been researching chronic lung disease treatment options, your first question is likely, “does it actually work?” At the Lung Health Institute, our patients’ results speak for themselves. Cellular therapy provides significant relief from the debilitating symptoms our patients face on a daily basis. Patients report quick relief at 3-months following treatment, and also long-term improvement in their COPD and ILD symptoms. 

Our Cellular Therapy Results

Overall positive Patient Outcome~

  • 3-month 91.6% 91.6%
  • 1-year 86.6% 86.6%

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The Lung Health Institute is world-recognized leader in regenerative medicine, where we provide a comprehensive wellness approach to treating chronic lung conditions. Our doctors have helped thousands of patients just like you who were suffering needlessly from shortness of breath, exhaustion and weight gain due to their limiting conditions.

If you are ready to take the next step to overcoming your symptoms, speak to one of our friendly patient coordinators today. They will answer your questions about what to expect during treatment at one of our convenient locations.

Don’t wait one more day to experience life-changing results like so many of our patients have already. Call today to start to finally Breathe Easier™.

~Quality of Life Survey data measured the patient’s self-assessed quality of life and measurable quality of improvement at three months and 1 year of COPD and ILD patients.

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