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Your patients are unique and deserve treatments unique to them. We offer treatments depending on your patient’s medical history, current condition, and most importantly, the desires and wishes of your patient.

Cellular Therapy (PRP-PC)

A treatment that revolves around the inherent healing capabilities of the body.

Our Cellular Therapy is performed in a clinical outpatient setting over two days. This procedure is a proven viable adjunctive treatment when used with standard of care treatments for many patients with chronic inflammatory lung diseases.

Once the patient has arrived at the Lung Health Institute and our medical staff has determined that the patient is a candidate for treatment.

  • The patient will be required to fill out necessary paper work, a pulmonary function test will be performed and a Nurse Practitioner or Physician will perform a patient evaluation.
  • Then an IV is inserted and the cells are: harvested, processed and separated, and immediately returned to the patient’s body through the IV and the lungs’ healing process can begin.

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Whitepapers and Resources

2019 8th Annual University of Pittsburgh International Symposium on Regenerative Rehabilitation.

The Promise of Autologous Peripheral Blood-Derived Therapy as An Adjunct
to Routine Clinical Practice in the Treatment of COPD Symptoms
as Measured on the Clinical COPD Questionnaire.

Mayo Regenerative Medicine Symposium Abstract

Effect of Regenerative Medicine Interventions on Chronic Lung
Disease in 2782 Patients.

LHI Regenerative Therapy Article COPD

Patient Perceptions of Life-limiting Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease by Melissa Rubio, PhD, FNP

Autologous Cellular Therapy & its Effects on COPD

A Lung Health Institute Pilot Study by Jack A. Coleman Jr., M.D

Autologous Cellular Therapy & its Effects on Interstitial Lung Disease

New Study Shows Cellular Therapy May Benefit ILD Patients

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