Patient Success Stories

Becky D.

Age: 62

Location: Schererville, IN

Condition: COPD

Before Coming to Lung Health Institute, Becky D. Needed Several Breathing Treatments Each Day

Becky D.’s COPD made living her life challenging. She was frustrated with her lack of improvement with traditional medicine and with the medications she was prescribed. Becky’s sister went online and found the Lung Health Institute after searching for how to improve lung function.

“Four to five breathing treatments a day before, and now I haven’t done one since the treatments.”

Before treatment, Becky always counted her steps, thought about distance and looked for ramps. If she felt going somewhere was going to be difficult, she wouldn’t go. After treatment, Becky says that she can do anything. She continues to reach her goals, such as walking across the soccer field to watch her grandchildren play soccer.

Even though she still has COPD and she understands that everyone is different, Becky says that treatment at the Lung Health Institute has “made a world of difference.”

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