What is the Pulmonary Trap™ and How Do We Use It to Help Our Treatment Target Your Lungs?

This may be one of the most common questions we receive regarding our cellular restoration treatment — what is the Pulmonary Trap™ method mentioned in our treatment guide? The Pulmonary Trap™ method is a process that we use to align our cellular restoration treatment with the natural flow of your body.

How Cellular Therapy Works

A small blood sample is taken from the patient.

The cells are separated.

The concentrated cells are returned into the bloodstream.

Your body operates with a process called a “pulmonary first pass effect” — this is the natural process that the body uses to filter blood through the heart and lungs before sending it out to the rest of the body. Our Pulmonary Trap™ method takes advantage of this natural flow by using it to ensure that the platelet-rich, inflammation-fighting solution that we administer into a patient’s body goes directly to the lungs in order to maximize the effectiveness of our cellular therapy.
To fully understand what the Pulmonary Trap™ method is and how it is used to benefit our treatment, you must first understand the process of our treatment.
Understanding the cellular therapy process

Cellular therapy is a procedure that uses the patient’s own cells to target and reduce inflammation in the lungs. To start, our team of clinicians harvests the blood-derived platelets and cells from the patient’s body. This is a very simple, and typically painless procedure.
Once the blood sample is taken, our clinicians separate the platelets and other cells from the blood and concentrate it into a platelet-rich solution that is to be returned to the patient’s body. This platelet-rich solution is administered into the patient’s body through an IV and, utilizing the Pulmonary Trap™ method,may help improve overall lung health.

How does the Pulmonary Trap™ method play into this treatment?

The Pulmonary Trap™ method is key to the effectiveness of our treatment™ because of the “pulmonary first pass effect,” in which the body carries all fluid that is administered into your body through an IV directly to the heart and the lungs. So, when our clinicians administer the platelet-rich solution into a patient via an IV, it goes directly to the patient’s heart and lungs, which is exactly the area of the body we are targeting to reduce inflammation.

Our Pulmonary Trap™ method works with the natural flow of the body to ensure that the platelet-rich solution reaches the lungs quickly so it can start the process of helping to reduce inflammation.

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