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Welcome to the Lung Health Institute’s resources page. Under the corresponding tabs below, patients, caregivers and physicians can find links to educational materials such as health tips, information about alternative treatments for lung diseases and more. Remember, at the Lung Health Institute, we’re here to help you stay healthy.
If you or a loved one has chronic lung disease, the Lung Health Institute offers a variety of resources to help you boost your quality of life. You’ll find information about how to manage your condition, exercise ideas, tips on how to stay healthy, recipes for good lung health, information about alternative treatment options and stem cell therapy, as well as other educational materials.
• Staying Positive Despite Lung Disease
• How to Find a Lung Support Group
• What is Pulmonary Rehabilitation?
• Pulmonary Rehabilitation Benefits
• Oxygen and the Human Body
• How to Improve Your Oxygen Levels
• Lung Exercises from the Couch
• How to Quit Smoking
If you’re caring for a loved one with chronic lung disease, you know how challenging it can be to help him or her stay healthy and lead a satisfying life. The Lung Health Institute understands your concerns and is here to help you by providing educational materials and helpful blog articles.
• The Caregiver/Patient Relationship
• A Caregiver’s Life
• Finding a Support Group for COPD Caregivers
• Five Health Tips for Caregivers
Doctors like you want to provide exceptional care for your patients with chronic lung disease. But, finding effective treatment options can be daunting. That’s why the Lung Health Institute offers an alternative treatment option that works to promote the healing of the lung tissue instead of merely masking symptoms.
Patients, caregivers and physicians alike can find educational resources here on our website. Click around to learn more about who we are and how we’re helping people with chronic lung disease enjoy a richer quality of life.
• About the Lung Health Institute
• Information for Physicians
• Stem Cell Treatment Fundamentals
• In the Media
• A Patient Study: Autologous Stem Cell Therapy and Its Effects on COPD
For more information about the treatment options available at the Lung Health Institute or to schedule a free consultation, contact one of our patient coordinators today at (855) 882-1292.