Alternative Treatments for COPD and Other Lung Diseases

Cells: The Building Blocks of Alternative Treatments for COPD and Other Lung Diseases

A stem cell is an essential building block for survival. Cells are responsible for being the foundation for every living being. They are capable of forming any tissue or organ in the body, which is unique from other cells, while they can still self-renew and replicate constantly. Their plasticity acts as another differentiator from other cells as their ability to create tissue for an organ different than their originating organ is essential to their benefit in regenerative medicine.

How Can Cells Help?

Treatment at the Lung Health Institute has proven to improve the function of the lungs affected by chronic lung disease, but cells are capable of forming any differentiated cell, so they can actually develop into any organ or tissue in the body, which proves their versatility in the medical field. Since cells self-renew, they divide indefinitely, which means they are ideal to promote the healing of organs. As new tissue is created by the cells, organs are strengthened and the effects of organ damage are minimized.

Two Alternative Treatments for COPD and Other Lung Diseases

The Lung Health Institute, located in Tennessee and Florida, offers alternative treatments with adult autologous cells. The cells come directly from an adult patient’s body only to be administered to the same patient. This decreases the potential of rejection and undermines any possible controversy about cellular therapy.

The Minimally Invasive Process

Depending on the therapy recommended, the cells are then extracted from the patient’s body either through bone marrow or blood. The cells are isolated by a professional, and almost immediately, the cells are given back to the individual intravenously. Now, the cells can begin to promote the healing of lung tissue, so patients can breathe easier and bring their life within reach.

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