Cellular Therapy Basics

The Cellular of Therapy Process

At Lung Health Institute, our cellular therapy treatment is minimally invasive and causes minimal pain. Every patient who visits 1 of our 5 clinic locations receives the treatment twice, over 2 days. After each session, there is no downtime and patients are free to return to their normal daily activities. All treatments and patient services are overseen by Lung Health Institute’s team of board-certified physicians.

Here’s how our cellular therapy treatment works:

1. At the start of each treatment session, an IV is inserted into the patient’s arm. Our clinicians take a small venous blood draw that contains platelet-rich plasma-platelet concentrate (PRP-PC) and other healing cells. We use only the patient’s own blood for treatment.

2. Our clinicians transfer the blood to the laboratory, where the PRP-PC and other healing cells are separated and isolated.

3. The concentrated blood with PRP-PC and healing cells are returned to the patient via IV.

4. The Pulmonary Trap™ delivers the concentrated cells to the lungs, where they begin to promote healing. When substances (such as blood, medications or cells) enter the bloodstream through an IV, they travel straight to the right side of the heart. Within 2 to 3 heartbeats, the substances are pushed into the lungs. But while medications and blood continue to travel through the body via the bloodstream, PRP-PC cells remain trapped in the lungs. This “pulmonary first-pass effect” was first documented by research studies conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

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