Cellular Treatment in Nashville

Cellular Treatment in Nashville, TN

Where Do The Cells Come From?

The newly opened Lung Health Institute in Nashville offers cellular therapys with autologous cells. The cells come directly from an adult patient’s body only to be administered to the same patient. This decreases the potential of rejection and undermines any possible controversy about cellular therapy.

The Lung Health Institute providesunique cellular therapy: blood-derived therapy. The recommended cellular therapy will be determined based on the patient’s health history and their current condition. The recommended treatment type will be determined during a physician consultation. During cellular therapy, the cells target the damaged tissue or organ in order to reinforce function and improve lives.

The Lung Health Institute Method

Depending on the therapy recommended, the cells are then extracted from the patient’s body through blood. The cells are isolated by a professional, and almost immediately, the cells are given back to the individual intravenously allowing patients to breathe in the cells. Now, the cells can begin to promote the healing of lung tissue, so patients can breathe easier and bring their life within reach.

If you or a loved one want to learn more about how cellular therapy for COPD in Nashville can be used to battle lung disease and improve your life, contact us or call us at 888-745-6697.