Can You Really Detox Your Lungs?

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The lungs are amazing structures that allow your body to bring in oxygen and release carbon dioxide. This exchange is the basis for a number of other processes in your body. However, patients with other chronic lung diseases can have issues breathing normally. Lung detox is one way that you might be able to improve your ability to breathe. 

What Is a Lung Detox?

Lung detox is a natural process that your body uses to cleanse harmful materials from the lungs. There are many “medicines” and other products that claim to help with lung detox, but the best option for successfully detoxing your lungs is to avoid exposing them to airborne pollutants. 

For those who smoke, this will mean quitting smoking, since smoking deposits toxic chemicals and tar in your airways and lungs. Over time, these toxins can damage airways and lung tissue and make it harder to breathe. Also, vaping can lead to similar types of lung damage. Quitting smoking or vaping is one of the best natural ways to increase the success of lung detox. 

3 Other Natural Ways to Increase the Success of Lung Detox

It is possible to detox your lungs by avoiding toxic chemicals and pollutants by quitting smoking or vaping, but there are other steps you can take to detox your lungs naturally. Here are 3 effective ways to support natural lung detox: 

  1. Making dietary changes — Studies show that antioxidants can help cleanse toxins from the body, and you can get more antioxidants by eating foods like leafy green vegetables and berries. Vitamins like vitamin C have also been shown to help the lung detox process by reducing inflammatory chemicals in the body.
  2. Exercising regularly — Aerobic exercise can be beneficial because studies show it improves blood flow to the lungs. Lung blood flow improvements can allow the body to move more toxins to the liver and kidneys, and these organs can then filter them out of the blood and remove them from your body. Any small exercise you can do can help.
  3. Improving indoor air quality — Most people are aware that outdoor air quality can be bad, but you might not know that the air quality inside your home can be just as bad or worse. There are simple steps you can take to improve indoor air quality, such as bringing in more plants that filter toxins and changing your HVAC system’s filters regularly. 

Chronic Lung Disease Patients Can Find Natural Treatment at Lung Health Institute

Our health care team at Lung Health Institute offers natural treatment options for chronic lung diseases like COPD. One of the natural treatment options we offer is our Anti-Inflammatory Initiative™, or AI2™.

A huge component of this initiative is information about many lung-healthy food options, including kale, as well as specific recipes that are designed to help your lungs. This plan also includes exercise tips, sleeping tips and relaxation advice. All these natural methods are combined with the intention of helping to boost your immune system and training your body to fight inflammation using fats. 

Take the next step to Breathe Easier™. Contact a Lung Health Institute patient coordinator today for more information or to schedule a free consultation.

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