The Lung Health Institute is a world-recognized leader in regenerative medicine.

Our approach to chronic lung disease differs from conventional treatment forms. While conventional treatments focus on reducing symptoms caused by chronic lung conditions, our innovative therapy directly targets the source of the symptoms to improve overall lung health*

How Our Cellular Therapy Works For Lung Disease

Our cellular therapy treatment uses the healing properties in a patient’s own blood cells. At a treatment session, our clinicians perform a small blood draw from the patient’s arm. The blood is taken to our in-house laboratory, where platelet-rich plasma-platelet concentrate (PRP-PC) and other healing cells are separated and isolated. The concentrated cells are then returned to the patient via IV. The PRP-PC travels directly to the lungs, where it can help improve overall lung health and manage inflammation in the lungs*. When airway inflammation is reduced, patients can Breathe Easier™ and have a better quality of life. Learn more about our cellular therapy treatment.

Calms Lung Inflammation

Our comprehensive wellness approach has the potential to calm lung inflammation, slow disease progression and offer a better quality of life.

Board-Certified Doctors

Our doctors are board-certified and our clinicians undergo rigorous training.

Effective Treatment Plans

Move beyond traditional treatments that only address symptoms. Our comprehensive approach addresses the root cause of your condition.

No Downtime

Our outpatient therapy requires no downtime or post-therapy restrictions.

Cellular Therapy (PRP-PC)

Our cellular treatment is a PRP-PC treatment that harnesses natural biological components that can help optimize healing conditions, improve inflammatory response, increase physical functioning, and promote the development and mobilization of cells.

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Nancy Shares Testimonial for COPD Treatment at the Lung Health Institute

“They’re bringing me back,”

When she got back to her home in Washington, Nancy walked up a flight of steps where she had previously had to pull herself up or stop every couple steps to catch her breath.